Jessica Corbett


Jessica Corbett is a faithful youth advocate, focusing her efforts on high school athletes through Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Jessica was heavily involved in sports and music throughout high school and found her calling shortly after graduating from Parkway South High School in 2005. She graduated from Lindenwood University in 2009 with a BA in Christian Ministry with an emphasis in youth ministry and a minor in missions. She loves coaching lacrosse and using that as a means to connect with and mentor girls. She enjoys cooking, traveling, and connecting with friends over a good cup of coffee. Jessica loves Freedom Arts and volunteers her time by mentoring two elementary school girls through the Monday night Scholar Sessions program. She has been behind the mission from the very start, saying that she believes in the integrity of the staff, and is happy to serve on Freedom Arts & Education Center’s Board of Directors since October 2015.

Ryan McPherson

Vice President

Ryan earned his BS in Marketing from Alabama A&M University before entering the financial industry to work in IT and fraud protection. Ryan likes spending his time writing, playing and coaching soccer, listening to music, and eating Jamaican food with good friends. Ryan and his wife Gaby believe in the mission of Freedom Arts because of the organization's unique approach in nurturing the artistic, academic, and social-emotional skills in underserved communities.

Ruthie Vincill


Ruthie started out her college career as a music major but graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2008 with a Master’s Degree in Social Work, nonprofit administration management, and community practice. Throughout her career she has worked in a variety of nonprofit settings. Working for Legal Aid of East Tennessee in 2004, she assisted victims of domestic violence obtain orders of protection. In 2005, she worked with the Knoxville Leadership Foundation, managing a mentoring program for children of prisoners. From 2006 - 2012 she worked for the Boys and Girls Club of the East Tennessee Valley doing program evaluation and grant management, helping with the maintenance and reporting for federally funded grants. After moving to Madison, Wisconsin in 2008, Ruthie was hired by a management consulting firm to run, manage, and administer their proprietary evaluation tool. Moving to St. Louis in 2013, Ruthie left her work to focus on her growing family. In 2015, she became the Co-Manager for Ditto, a nonprofit thrift store that supports Christian Education by providing scholarships for youth who would otherwise not be able to afford private school. In 2016, Ruthie decided to resign from that position to focus on her two young children and the needs of her community. Ruthie is passionate about advocating for those with unheard voices and committed to living with active intention in her community. Ruthie is a member of Faith For Justice, the St. Louis Mass Choir, and is actively involved in the Mercy Ministries at South City Church. She is excited about the work Freedom Arts has been doing and is thrilled to participate as a board member since November 2016.

Ken Price


Ken Price is dedicated to ensuring all children have the resources necessary to achieve their dreams. A St. Louis native and graduate of Clayton High School, Ken earned his Bachelors in Art History from Hampton University in Virginia in 1994. He is a successful salesman who has held a variety of sales jobs over the last 20 years. He connected with Freedom Arts through his wife Allie who attended high school with the founders. After volunteering as a tutor and mentor for a year, Ken joined the Board of Directors in September 2016. He is excited to be a part of the organization's growth and development in the coming years.

Gabrielle McPherson

Gaby is a graduate of St. Louis University with a BS and MS in Nutrition and Dietetics with an emphasis in Pediatric Nutrition. She currently is the Community Dietitian at a local St. Louis family health center working with underserved families. Gaby keeps a blog called "Our Fodder" which helps people how to walk by faith and eat healthy, nourishing foods. She enjoys Zumba, cooking, writing, and spending time outdoors - especially star gazing! Gaby is passionate about wholistic health and is thrilled to be a part of Freedom Arts' Board of Directors with her husband Ryan.