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“We would hope that those who are so inclined, those who have a compassion for the least of these God’s children, will aid us financially.” -MLK

Nonprofits don’t work without donors and donors are always our biggest need! Freedom Arts started officially in 2012 as a small, grassroots team determined to make a positive difference for kids and artists. Our growth is a direct result of the investment made by individuals and families like you, and this personal support has allowed us to remain community led and youth focused. Your donations enable us to sustain our mission of empowering young people to become the highly creative, literate, passionate, independent thinkers they are capable of becoming. When you make a donation, you are not just “giving money away” – you are getting involved in this mission and directly impacting the lives of our scholars in a positive way. You are investing in and sharing the promise of equitable arts and academic enrichment for all the youth of St. Louis. From fairly compensating staff and teaching artists, to securing supplies and food for our youth, your donations are true investments. And as we now find ourselves back on the search for a long-term home, your support means everything. Invest in efforts to open doors that will never be closed, stable locations that will never be repurposed, a space that our scholars can call their own and where this genuine community can thrive for decades to come. Be a part of this story in which negative cycles are broken, all systemic barriers are overcome, and freedom is an achieved goal. Make a donation now or become a monthly investor to make freedom a reality for our community.

Please click the ‘Donate’ button above to make a tax-deductible donation to Freedom Arts through PayPal, and check the box next to “Make this a monthly donation” if you wish to become a monthly investor. If you would prefer to mail us your donation or deliver it in person, please contact our Executive Director or any of our staff members on the right. We would love to hear from you! Thank you so much for your support!