Super Scholardays

From beautifying our streets and uplifting our community, to improving life skills and artistic abilities, we shape our stories and become superheroes.

Super Scholardays are monthly events consisting of art, academic, and faith-based developmental workshops and activities. These events give our scholars opportunities to learn about their strengths, discover their passions, practice life skills, and grow as leaders. Each Scholarday is built around a virtuous theme which is then incorporated into a vast variety of activities. Our dedicated mentors lead small groups through these workshops with the goals of discovering artistic abilities, improving life skills, and growing in their faith. Whether we’re painting murals, beautifying parks, visiting a museum, writing poems and songs, playing team building games, or producing plays, this program challenges our scholars in fun and relevant ways while providing them with guided instruction from skilled artists and support from dedicated mentors. To volunteer as a group leader or activity facilitator for this program, please fill out a volunteer application and email it to Andrew Gibson.

This program has been funded in part by the Arts and Education Council and the Regional Arts Commission.